The Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge was established in 2020 and is situated 10 kilometers west of Fort Portal in western Uganda. The lodge features a unique and visionary design that embraces stunning views over the Rwenzori Mountains, the Semliki Wildlife Reserve, the Blue Mountains of the DRC, and Lake Albert.

Located on a ridge of the Great Rift Valley, the architecture of the Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge features exclusive ‘Space Pods’ with 120-degree panorama windows offering 80-kilometer views of the surrounding countryside. With easy access to the nearby Semliki and Kibale National Parks, chimp tracking and day tours to major natural
attractions in this region are available to book with your stay at our lodge.

The Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge aims to achieve and maintain an eco-friendly low carbon footprint, was built utilizing locally sourced materials, and operates to over 80% with renewable energy, such as solar-powered hot water and electrical systems.


Our Address:

P.O. Box 791 Fort Portal | Uganda