Jacana safari Lodge is situated in queen Elizabeth national park in south western part of Uganda and is one of the Geo-lodges that receives numerous awards and ranked by New York Times as one of the best places one should see before they depart from earth. the superb Lodge is positioned at the shores of Uganda’s largest crater Lake Nyamusingire and outskirts of maramagambo forest.

the Lodge has mastery been built and designed with African architecture with volcanic rocks, hard wood forest logs organic materials and ropes on rain forests forming magical connection to nature with panoramic views of lake and forest canopy.

the hotel features a majestic out door swimming pool with sun lounges. the restaurant provides mouth watering Menus of both local and international cuisine meals along with snacks with an onsite bar containing both local and international soft and hard drinks, a sauna and massage area is also available with fire place where you can sit back in the evening under Africa’s sparkling stars.


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queen elizabeth national park