In August 2011, a group of nine European volunteers travelled to Kasenda, a small village located in a forgotten part of west Uganda.  We wanted to begin the construction of a sewing workshop and collaborate with a small local school that had 160 elementary school students.

When we arrived, we were really impressed with the beauty of the place, with how poor its people were and with how happy the children seemed.  At the end of our trip, what had started as an incredible adventure became a firm commitment with the children and the local people so, in November 2011, we formalized our pledge by beginning the process to constitute Kelele Africa, the association through which we channel our help and in which, during all of these years, we have invested our time and effort.

In swahili (one of the African languages that is spoken most and that is used in Uganda), the name kelele means “yell” and it also means “noise”, and this is what our association wanted to do from the start: “Yell, Africa!  Let´s make some noise!”  During the inauguration of our clinic, a local politician told us: Kelele África is making a lot of noise, good noise, in Kasenda. Keep it up!


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