Emburara Farm Lodge derives its name from a local tall grass called Emburara (Hyperemia ruffa) which the Ankole Cattle keepers treasured and still treasure as the best fodder for their cows as it boosts the fat content of the milk thus enabling the production of high grade cow ghee. Mbarara district, where the lodge is located, is actually believed to have picked its name from Emburara grass that used to cover the whole area.

When the first colonialists came into the area they were stunned by the beauty of this grass spanning all over the valleys and hills of Ankole looking as if it were a lawned vegetation. The colonialists asked the local people what the grass was called and they were told its Emburara. In an attempt to pronounce the word Emburara, they mispronounced it as Mbarara. This mispronounced word “Mbarara”, stuck with the locals and hence the name of the current town/district Mbarara. Mbarara district therefore derived it’s name from the Emburara grass. However, because of the increasing population of people and animals (cattle), Emburara grass started to face extinction. At Emburara Farm Lodge we pride of selves in making effort towards the conservation of this endangered species of flora.

Emburara Farm lodge is just 14 Kms away from Mbarara city center on Mbarara – Ibanda road adjacent to Mbarara (Nyakisharara) Air field. Our proximity to the Mbarara Airfield makes it possible for our guests who may need to fly in. We are the only luxury farm lodge strategically located at the center of mid western Uganda. For instance we are proximately one hours drive to Lake Mburo National Park, two hours to Queen Elizabeth National park and Kibale National Park and much more. We are also at the center of the richest culture in the region. While at the Farm, we treat our guests to a number of farm activities like Okukama (Milking), Okuriisa (herding a cattle), Okweshera (taking the cows to the watering trough) and any more activities that increase one’s appreciation of the Ankole Cow.