• We are good at what we do and we get results (click here for video testimonials). We want to add value and, even within a fixed-fee retainer, our goal is always, and regularly, to create meaningful opportunities for our clients.
  • We put a lot of effort into developing relationships with our clients so we can provide meaningful advice. We get to know them as individuals, we learn about their business, we understand the sector in which they operate, we get to know what they are comfortable with so we can deliver it.
  • We work on a ‘no surprises’ policy. No unexpected bills. No budget blow-outs. No missed deadlines. No broken promises. No shoddy service.
  • We go the extra mile. Our retainer agreements are designed to add extra value to clients for whom every dollar counts.
  • We never turn the support department off. It’s on 24/7 and it gets answered whenever you call. So you can be assured of round-the-clock service (and, trust us, some clients do need it).


That’s how we create an excellent consultant/client relationship.
The other reason is that we’re quite nice people and we do buy you the occasional lunch!


Our Address:

Marckanisgh street plot 24 Mbarara Uganda